The Ysleta Historic District Committee Starts Fund to Raise Money

The Ysleta Historic District Committee (YHDC) established a fund with the Paso Del Norte Charitable Foundation (PDNCF) to promote the culture and heritage of the Ysleta Historic District area as well as raise money to install historical markers, collect and protect archival materials, collect oral histories, and support historical programs and events.

The YHDC steering committee consists of Ron Leiman, Norma Irwin, Bea Sada, and Bonny Schulenburg. The Committee’s initial goal was to promote five historic Ysleta schools along the Alameda Corridor with a series of panel discussions at each location between May 2016 and October 2017. Due to positive community feedback, an additional goal of promoting the historic district and working with stakeholders in the area has developed and expanded the committee’s scope to other buildings and sites in the area neighborhoods.

After the May 2016 programs at Cadwallader and Ascarate Elementary Schools, interest was expressed in placing local historical markers at each of the five school sites. In October 2016, the markers project was approved by the City Historic Landmark Commission and the Ysleta Independent School District. This markers project called for raising of $ 11,000 to fund, create, approve, install and dedicate the five markers. This is likely the first of several fund raising efforts to showcase “the Valley and the Alameda Corridor”.

For more information, please contact Ron Leiman at (915) 860-0221, (915) 740-6829 or ronleiman2@gmail.com

The Ysleta Historic District Fund is a PDNCF Agency-Advised Fund. Agency funds are established by charitable organizations interested in growing their long-term assets to provide a reliable source of income to the non-profit entity over time and/or to provide fiscal/administrative support for shorter-term projects.
Your tax-deductible donation can be made payable to Paso Del Norte Charitable Foundation and on the memo, please add Ysleta Historic District Fund or to donate online click on the link below.