Our mission:

in2improv is an organization committed to using performance and improvisation to empower poor, marginalized, underserved, underrepresented and oppressed communities through programs, workshops, classes, lectures and performances. Currently based in El Paso, TX, in2improv promotes artistic and social development by bringing professional artists and art educators together with at-risk populations to build collaborative spaces where they can create new performances, allowing them to see alternatives to violence, delinquency and addiction.


Why do we exist?


in2improv believes that fostering group creativity is crucial for human development. It nurtures our capacity to collaborate, to become more compassionate and to create new realities.


How do we do this?


Inspired by the disciplines of music and dance, we build environments where we explore with others new ways of relating and creating through performance and collaborative improvisation.


What do we offer?

We facilitate workshops, teach classes, and create community-engaged performances. We also design personalized programs for young people and adults in both formal and informal educational contexts.


Our programs:


The Cattleya Project


The purpose of The Cattleya Project is to create new gender performances and promote environments where the gender binary can be re-imagined as a fluid and dynamic spectrum. Since September 2015, a collective of 7 female artists began offering weekly workshops at Sin Violencia A.C., a shelter for women escaping severe domestic violence in Ciudad Juarez.


Collaboration with CCOMPAZ


CCOMPAZ is a non-profit organization working with underserved youth in Ciudad Juarez. in2improv is currently designing and implementing a contemporary music and dance curriculum focused on creative art practices for their afterschool programs around the city.




Under the artistic direction of our founders, knee-jerk is an improvisation ensemble bringing together musicians/sounders and dancers/movers to explore and create innovative, experimental and community-engaged performance experiences. We focus on enhancing our listening skills (both aural and kinesthetic) and discovering how to maintain the focus in the group as a whole during a performance. It is in2improv's artistic laboratory. 


Instruments for Peace


This is an instrument donation initiative benefiting CCOMPAZ’s music afterschool program in Ciudad Juarez. We collect new and used instruments and other musical equipment and deliver it personally to their warehouse.