Who we are:


Colombianos Unidos was founded on January 27, 2015 as a charitable fund in the Paso del Norte Foundation. The society has the main objective to unite the colombian residents of the region.  The purpose is to designate, promote, and  maintain culture and Colombian traditions.  To establish a network of mutual assistance among the members with humanitarian and charitable ends. The society is led by a leadership group composed of 3 members and is open to whomever desires to be involved.  Being born in Colombia is not a requirement of membership; only that members have an interest or affinity for the country and its people.




The mission of Colombian Society of the Borderplex is to unite Colombians in the region of the Paso del Norte, which includes El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Juarez, Chihuahua.  The purpose is to foment, maintain, and promote Colombian culture and traditions.  Also, to establish a network of mutual assistance between the members and realize humanitarian and charitable activities. Furthermore, the society seeks to organize social activities between members.



  • Provide an environment of agreement, communication, and a sense of community within the Society of Colombianos Unidos.
  • Generate a culture of fellowship, participation, and equality of the local and regional  processes for the purpose of promoting advancement in the Colombian residents of the region.
  • Actively participate in the social, labor, academic, and political integration of the members through the development of projects for the improvement of the quality of life and standard of living.